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We are professionals appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with an excellent university training (B.A, M.A., Ph. D., masters) and a wide and long experience  in certified translation and interpretation as well as in simple translation and interpretation.

Certified translations are official documents, whose accuracy is certified by the sworn or certified translator. They are legally valid both in Spain and abroad. They can be reviewed only by the Language Interpretation Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which examines and approves the professionals who make them.

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To avoid professional intrusiveness and troubles, including financial ones and wastes of time which can delay your steps, before asking for a certified translation, check that who is going to do it is a Certified Translator appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can check this on line in the updated List of Certified Translators and Interpreters of the M.F.A., or in the section of Certified Interpreters at the Government Delegations, in the Lawyers’ or Notaries’ Associations, or with the pertinent card granted by the said ministry and with the corresponding seal and signature.

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