Certified translation of :

  • Birth, marriage, divorce or death certificates
  • Family books
  • Adoption files
  • Files for international marriages
  • I.C.’s or passports
  • Transcripts of primary, secondary, university and post-university studies, including the corresponding official academic record and the diplomas thereof
  • CV
  • Homologations
  • Medical certificates and reports
  • Work certificates and the corresponding pay sheets
  • Census certificates
  • Bank certificates of solvency
  • Agreements, powers of attorney, wills, notarised deeds
  • Court judgements, rogatory commissions, etc.
  • Deeds of incorporation, articles of associations, annual accounts, business correspondence
  • Patents
  • Public tenders
  • Tax revenues
  • Driving licences
  • Nationalisation files
  • Retirement, etc., etc.

Other translations: business, financial, technical, scientific, tourist, literary or theatre translations, etc.

Certified interpretation in:

  • Courts (e.g., mixed marriages, trials, etc.)
  • Notaries’ offices
  • Law firms, etc.

Simple interpretation in:

  • Events
  • Work or business meetings
  • Offices
  • Telephone conferences, etc.

quickness and efficiency

We recommend you to translate the documents you need in advance, in order to take advantage of our discounts. Nevertheless, if you are in a hurry and need the service urgently, do not hesitate, you can rely on us; but please, do not wait till the last minute. Remember that optimum translations, especially certified and official ones, require enough time to be seriously and accurately done. Their thorough review is essential and requires professionalism, concentration and of course, time.