Our clients

  • Airlines
  • Shipping agents
  • Courts
  • Notaries
  • Lawyers, attorneys
  • Administration of justice
  • Universities
  • Companies and factories taking part in bids abroad
  • Professionals and students (either foreigners or Spanish) (e.g. Erasmus) who travel abroad for studying or working, etc.
  • Inmigrants looking for a job or asking for a work or resident permit, or who are going to marry Spanish citizens
  • Tourist agencies, etc., etc.

we can help you

By making your relations with your clients from other countries fluent, or by making it easy for you to contact with potential foreign clients, informing them about your services, products and offers, thus giving a new rise to your business.

If you are going to study or work abroad, translating the pertinent documents in a reliable and optimum way.

If you are about to marry a foreigner, we can translate the pertinent documents and make the oral formalities at the registry easy.